Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pass the salt.

I really want to get away. Anywhere. Ever since I had that nightmare I've felt down or on edge. Like something bad is going to happen, and I've never really been the superstitious type. But no thanks, It's not like I've had the best of luck in Portland so far anyway. (I'll elaborate when I feel like it.) I want to not be stressed. I want to not be lonely. I want to feel like I'm wanted and appreciated. Getting away would at least give me a break from everything. But because of work, and a couple other factors, I know it can't happen soon.
You see, I work with my two cousins and another guy at a brewery/tasting room. That's it; there's four of us. I actually think we're getting a cook today so now there's five. But still. The tasting room is pretty much a restaurant and there's two of us on the floor- Wendy takes the bar and I take the tables. Sometimes we get help on Saturdays but that's it. So there's no asking for days off or calling in sick. The point of all this is, when the hell could "getting away" happen? Never, at least probably not until the next Jewish holiday. If I'm lucky, ha.


  1. Geez! Calm down sister! You are appreciated!
    You are here in Portland and though it has not been the easiest ride, you are taking care of business and doing what you need to do.
    So if it doesn't work out here, at least you took a chance and did something different. We never know what to expect until it happens. Be positive and good vibezzzzzz will be around you!
    Plus, you always have Ant and myself to ruin a movie for you!

  2. Oh and I forgot to add CAMELTOEEEEEEEEEEEE!