Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blue line to Gresham

Last night.
After work I went to a local bar/pub and had a couple beers and then rode my bike to the Max station across the bridge. I had no idea when it was supposed to come to I just sat on the curb, in the cold, and waited. For about 30 minutes. Frost bite. But not really.
After getting my bike on the hook, which is no easy task, I took out my book and dove in. Only, behind me were two girls listening to music. After a couple verses I realized they were listening to none other than Weird Al Yankovic. First "Gangster's Paradise" then "White and Nerdy." I started laughing; I couldn't help it. Like, uncontrollably. I tried getting back to my book but I found myself reading the same lines over and over. Weird Al took my focus. So I gave up and put my book away. But by this time it was only two stops until my stop.
Got off Max and took the elevator up to street level. And yes, the elevator floor was covered in piss. Oh well. I put my helmet on and turned on my lights and headed home.
The ride is really nice because it starts with a big hill. I mean a BIG hill. I think it might have been raining though. Maybe just sprinkling. It's exhilarating. Flying down the hill trying not to hit any pot holes or ride through any big puddles. Small puddles are okay. I made a left followed by another.
Then I got home.
Good night.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


What if I woke up one morning or came home one night and in between my heater and kitchen there stood a new door. Closed. But one that wasn't there when I last left that space. Would I open it and make my own story? My own adventure into whatever it was. I'd probably expect a black hallway. Maybe with another door leading into my kitchen but maybe no door and no end in sight. But what if I turned the knob and walked out onto SE Hawthorne between 34th and 35th right in front of Cold Stone Creamery? My very own portal to yummy ice cream? I'M FOR IT. But either way, I know, if I walked in my apartment and saw a door that didn't exist before, I'd say, "Fuck that," and leave the way I came. I don't know, maybe not.
I'm still waiting for my acceptance letter from Hogwarts.

Every time someone tells me to come read something on a computer I think it's going to be one of those things where the bitch from The Exorcist pops up and scares the shit out of me.

Kudos to you if you caught the book and movie references from above.
I'll give you a hint: House of Leaves and The Adjustment Bureau.
Not far fetched considering I'm reading House of Leaves and I just saw The Adjustment Bureau. Pretty awesome book, pretty good movie. Oh, and if you didn't catch the Harry Potter reference, get the fuck off my blog.

All I wanted to say was the Max elevator floors are ALWAYS covered in piss.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I cannot

hold my liquor.