Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Call me Bad Luck Bear

I moved to Portland July 21st, give or take a day. Since then I've been chewed up and spit out. Take a look at this shit:

-Asked to leave my apartment for having a dog. (Bright side: not evicted.)
-Three parking tickets.
-Speeding/no Oregon license/expired registration ticket all at the same time.
-Expired registration ticket while parked.
-License suspended; forgot the reason. (I got it reinstated a couple days later.)
-Photo ticket by parked van. (Got out of it because it was sent to my parents and they weren't driving. Not exactly sure how that works, but I got out of it.)
-Accident (my fault, cars still drivable)
-Another big ticket.
-Find out my cars totalled.
-License being suspended again for not reporting the accident even though I was told by the officer present that I didn't have to. (Got this yesterday, I need to call.)

So, I'm moving home.

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